Why be normal

It is counterintuitive to say that everything is all right. This is where scientific studies of infant crying come in. A single parent with their single child cannot possibly know whether there are other infants out there who are crying like theirs is—and especially whether those other infants are all right.

Why be normal

Home Entertainment Why Ultra HD 4K TVs are still stupid The flood of TVs with higher resolution than p is inevitable, but at typical TV sizes, quadruple the pixels makes no difference in picture quality and are not worth the extra price.

We've talked about this beforebut now with more info, and definitive product announcements, let me explain in exacting, excruciating detail why 4K TVs are still stupid.

Allow me to start with the most important point: I love 4K It is my fault for trying to make a nuanced argument on the Internet. I have a inch "TV" and sit 9 feet from it. I would love to have 4K. When I expand out to fill the full foot-wide 2. I look forward to more 4K projectors.

The eye has a finite resolution This is basic biology. In response to my previous articles on the stupidity of 4K TVs, many people argued they had better vision, or some other number should be used.

This is like arguing doors should be bigger because there are tall people. Also, just because you have better vision, doesn't mean most people have better vision. If they did, it wouldn't be better, it would be average. Go to the beach or a big sandbox, or a baseball diamond.

Start counting how many grains of sand you can see next to you. Now do the same with the grains of sand by your feet. Try again with the sand far beyond your feet like, say, 10 feet away. The fact that you can see individual grains near you, but not farther away is exactly what we're talking about here.

The eye is analog.

Bumps on areola

Randomly analog at that. Is there some wiggle room thanks to variances in how people see? Here's an awesome chart: Carlton Bale Let's skip ahead a step. Getting bogged down in the specifics misses the big picture.But here’s the main reason why you see trails on some planes but not on others, and I’ll emphasize it, because although it’s simple, it’s also easy to miss.

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Why be normal

Comments Why eye-popping, jaw-dropping salaries, luxury taxes are new normal for Thunder Commenting on NewsOK requires a NewsOK Pro or Oklahoman subscription. Log in . Un progetto buttato giù di getto, come quando si annota un appunto veloce Un bel lavoro fatto di sane collaborazioni, nuovi incontri e incredibili soddisfazi oni!

Terminato al fotofinish per metterlo giusto in valigia e portarlo in Germania! A second reason the normal distribution is so important is that it is easy for mathematical statisticians to work with.

This means that many kinds of statistical tests can be derived for normal distributions. In my own opinion, I do not believe anyone should be “normal”, but that a “normal” standard should be that we accept the ab-normalcy of everyone around us, as long as they are not affecting our lives in a .

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