Task 2 presentation mici

The disparity between the rich and the poor in their access to computers, digital information, and the benefits these make possible. To see why this is relevant to FOS, let's distinguish the hardware and software versions of the digital divide.

Task 2 presentation mici

Like the first day, it was frenetic, well-organized and a lot of fun. Their overall score in several categories, Competition, Engineering Notebook, Display Booth, and some other categories, was the highest and so they were the overall winners.

After the competition was over, I was able to track them down not very hard — I just followed the sound of the loudest cheers and spent several minutes talking with them and taking pictures — a great bunch of kids.

But the whole idea of the BEST competition, as I have written about earlier, is to encourage middle-school and high school level kids to get interested in techie stuff, science, engineering and technology. Brent Percival of Auburn University where this competition was held called me up out of the blue one day earlier this year and asked if ISEC would be interested in participating.

I had people talking to me almost the entire time I was there about the Space Elevator. Task 2 presentation mici of us at a table would have a stamp and, as the kids came around and talked to us, we would stamp their card.

If they were able to get all 8 of the stamps on their card, it would go into a drawing for a door prize. However, there were only 8 stamps for our 10 tables. At any one time, 2 of us would not have them. I had a steady stream of kids and their parents coming up to my table, wanting to get their card stamped and wanting to talk about the Space Elevator.

I had no idea this was going to happen — completely caught me by surprise. I made a point of introducing myself to the event announcer.

Task 2 presentation mici

Every other sponsor was just mentioned by name. I would say, with a very high degree of confidence, that fewer than 10 people at the event knew about ISEC when the event started.

A case in point was at the end of the competition and I tracked down the team from Cornerstone. That was pretty cool… There was just a lot on fun, techy-nerdy stuff going on too.

Each of the teams could submit a short video which was then displayed several times during the competition — and a winner was chosen at the end of the competition.

But my personal favorite which took 2nd place was about how Thor was banished from Asgard by his father. Naturally, he landed in a Science Class and, after he told the students his plight, they built him a Space Elevator so he could return home — very creative.

Each of teams had a mascot.

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There were robots lots of different kindsSharks, Eagles, Tigers, etc. The audience really got into it and so did the referees! Sorry for the not-great quality.

Brent Percival who invited ISEC to participate, for all their kindnesses — they truly showed what Southern Hospitality was all about and they ran a great competition.

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The top photo thumbnail is of the representatives from Cornerstone, hoisting their trophy in triumph. Not great quality — taken on a camera phone so I could Tweet it right away.

The bottom thumbnail is of my favorite poster at the event.Aug 19,  · One important goal of any field of science is to develop a theory (or model) that predicts future outcomes.. Risk prediction and the usage of such prediction for the improvement of safety at the workplace would be a gift for the most managers.

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