How to write a good closing statement for mock trial

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How to write a good closing statement for mock trial

Please read below to learn about how you can take part in the action. Connect on social media and spread the word. Use the designated hashtag bidder Key points to make include: The fossil fuel industry should not control our justice system. This trial is about intimidating other activists, not justice for Tim.

We will support Tim by continuing to fight for justice and a livable future.

Speedy Trial

Share your photos, videos, and more by emailing bidder70 peacefuluprising. Tim after the auction Tim is facing ten years in prison on two felony charges for derailing an illegal sale of public land from the outgoing Bush administration to private oil and gas developers.

Lease Parcels Auctioned The government is embarrassed by this very public trial, and wishes it would go away, but Tim has refused any kind of plea bargain because he thinks a jury of his peers should decide if he was justified in defying an unjust system that is dooming us to an unlivable future.

It is this kind of peaceful, powerful, and courageous civil disobedience that is largely missing from the climate movement. An outbreak of jury trials and willingness to serve time if necessary could create a political atmosphere that allows a reasonable governmental response to climate change—while bringing the damaging injustices of our current system into the spotlight.

People pay attention when others make sacrifices.

how to write a good closing statement for mock trial

Tim forced a trial so we would have a chance to show the world that if you stand up for a livable future, others will stand with you. Can you join us? » Francois Benjamin Courvoisier, for the murder of Lord Russell

The following letter is being endorsed by leaders of social and environmental justice. All recognize the trial of Tim DeChristopher to be a turning point in the climate movement: He has been arrested sixteen times for acts of nonviolent civil disobedience.

how to write a good closing statement for mock trial

The following organization also have endorsed this Call to Action: On March 3rd, Tim was found guilty of two felony counts for participating in a peaceful act of civil disobedience. How will the Climate Justice Movement respond to this injustice?

Closing Statement Examples | Final Arguments in Tort Cases

Everyday citizens around the nation are rediscovering the cherished American tradition of peaceful civil disobedience as a tool for social and political change. The climate justice movement must respond as one of our most powerful advocates faces a severe prison sentence for nonviolently and effectively taking a stand on our behalf.

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The Trial of Tim DeChristopher | Peaceful Uprising Forty-nine of us, forty-eight men and one woman, lay on the green waiting for the spike to open.

On July 26th, we invite you to organize a solidarity event at a federal courthouse near you. Stand in solidarity with Tim, and send your message loud and clear: We will not sit idly by as our government uses Tim DeChristopher as an example to deter other activists.

We will not compromise when it comes to defending our right to a healthy and just world. Historically, social change has only occurred when ordinary citizens are empowered to stand up for their rights, and act.

To accomplish this, we must work together.How to Write an Opening Argument for a Mock Trial In a trial, the opening argument is the lawyer's first chance to win over the judge and jury. It is the first impression the jury will have of a case, and so it can make or break a verdict.

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Some quick advice on giving a good closing statement. First, do not summarize all of the evidence, particularly in a trial that lasted less than a week. Even the best trial lawyers who write about closing often throw in some trite advice about summarizing the 5/5.

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The Criminal Trial Handbook is a concise and practical handbook setting forth the nuts and bolts of everything, procedural and practical, a lawyer needs to know to competently try a basic criminal case; the fundamentals of a trial from beginning to end.

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