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Eighty-three of those were confirmed as victims of trafficking in persons and slave labour, and were child victims of trafficking or other types of sexual exploitation. Additionally, 1, individuals were prosecuted, and 1, individuals were convicted for trafficking or trafficking-related offences in Forms of labour exploitation can be found in a variety of sectors, such as agriculture, construction, domestic work, begging, trash collection, and illegal logging. Seventeen workers have reportedly died on World Cup stadium sites in Russia.

Global business reports ukraine

Olegario Llamazares on 18 January, in Emerging Markets 1 Comment The current political situation has created new opportunities for doing business in Ukraine because of its progressive approach to Europe and the implementation of important reforms aimed at turning the country into a free economy, washing away, at least, a part of the burden of corruption and oligarchy.

Ukraine, a relatively unknown country for many until not long ago, has already been in the eye of the storm for more than two years, since the instability that overthrew its former President Viktor Yanukovich in February and the annexation of the Republic of Crimea by the Russian Federation at the end of March of the same year.

Placed between two big economic blocs, the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, Ukraine is the second biggest country in Europe after Russia. Nevertheless, Ukraine has decisively changed its orientation towards the West, which opens new perspectives that lead us to conclude that its current unstable situation may be just a mere holdup before a medium term integration into a superior frame of European legal certainty.

Its particularities and advantages have made this Eastern European country a very underrated asset, in which it will be extraordinarily profitable to invest taking advantage of the low stage of its economic cycle.

From the business side, many European exporters have chosen to delete Ukraine from their world map until the clarification of its political situation, in which probably is a wrong strategy.

global business reports ukraine

Ukraine is today the perfect example of how mainstream perceptions can be exaggerated. As a result of this, the competition has withdrawn more than proportionally in many sectors of the Ukrainian trade and has opened so many paths to new players.

global business reports ukraine

Those who doubt about the immediate future of this market of over 45 million consumers would do well to consider the following factors: Ukraine holds the third largest reserves of non-conventional hydrocarbons extractable by fracking in all Europe.

Its fertile surface equals to a third of the total productive soil of the European Union.

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Ukraine is already the third world exporter of corn and the fifth of wheat, with a considerable growth potential. It also means a clear opportunity to the European exporter to embark on board a yet untapped market, before it gets full of competitors, which will very likely happen in no more than 5 years after its formal integration in the union.

In the last 20 years the World Bank Group has supported the Ukrainian budget with more than 4 billion dollars of programmatic loans that force the country to implement several reforms aimed at prosecuting corruption and improving the productivity of the country.

The recession forecasts for Ukraine in have recently been replaced by a gradual growth forecast because of the good pace at implementing the necessary reforms especially the fiscal consolidationthe activation of the customs agreement with the European Union and the low prices of fuel.

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The Ukrainian financial sector is currently undergoing a process of recapitalization and restructuration in order to ensure its efficiency at performing its tasks and its capacity to cover the deposits in case of bank defaults.

In a drop in interest rates is expected, which will improve financing conditions in the country and may be the start of a credit expansion period. The strong devaluation of its currency, the grivna, generates very interesting investment opportunities, which have been reinforced by the good growth prospects in the long term.

Moreover, after a fall in industrial production in and there are abundant untapped resources, at a reduced price, which together with the devaluation, allows the western companies to make very competitive acquisitions.

Its energy reform will unify the energy prices in April of this year, in order to avoid the privileged arbitrage in favor of certain companies, directed by the oligarchy. This will grant access to western companies whose skills are known internationally and together with them to many SMEs that accompany them as suppliers in multiple projects.

The still relatively competitors-free markets, the future works of reconstruction in the eastern part of the country and the fear mostly inconsistent of many companies at betting for Ukraine today probably make this country the area with the best development opportunities and return on investment of the whole European continent.

For all that, Ukraine is still not an easy market.INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REPORT (IBR) Future of Europe European businesses have a spring in their step. Data from our International Business Report (IBR) finds that business optimism across the EU sits at net 60% in the first quarter of New computer virus spreads from Ukraine to disrupt world business.

said 80 percent of the infections detected among its global customer base were in Ukraine, with Italy second hardest hit with.

Ukraine Country Risk Report Q2 Core Views Economic recovery in Ukraine will be sluggish in the years ahead. The country is stepping out of a prolonged period of economic contraction, having experienced two fully fledged economic crises in the last seven years.

Campbell Soup plans to sell its international and refrigerated-foods businesses, abandoning its fresh-food push and leaving the door open to a full sale.

This report focuses on the global Security Community Network Solution Business status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.

The study objectives are to present the Security Community Network Solution Business development in United States, Europe and China. Consolidation has been the name of the game in the international steel industry for the past 15 years.

Europe and the United States have witnessed mega-mergers, concentration of resources and streamlining of operations between steel mills, raw material suppliers, iron and steel makers, equipment manufacturers, traders, etc.


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