Fate in romeo and juliet essay conclusion

The play opens with the chorus reciting a poem. Then, in the opening dialogue, Shakespeare spices his writing with puns and double-entendres, as when the servants Sampson and Gregory make veiled sexual references: The quarrel is between our masters and us their men.

Fate in romeo and juliet essay conclusion

In tragedy the individual one person or a group is overwhelmed; in comedy the individual triumphs. In tragedy, as in comedy, five stages may be noted in the plot development: Let it not be thought for a moment that each of these stages is clearly differentiated.

As a rule they pass insensibly into each other, as they do in life. Especially is this true in a play like Romeo and Juliet, where the weaving of the plot is so close and compact.

The Prologue briefly gives the setting and theme of the play and prepares us for a drama of pathos in which the destiny of two lovers is determined by fate and external circumstances, rather than by character.

Fate in romeo and juliet essay conclusion

Act I, Scene i. The thread of the feud action is here introduced with the peace-making Benvolio on the side of the Montagues and the fiery Tybalt on the Capulet side. This warning is a preparation for the tragic climax. The love action is suggested. When Romeo enters, it is soon discovered that the cause is unrequited love.

Act I, Scene ii. The entrance of Juliet is prepared for; County Paris is a claimant for her hand. Romeo consents to attend the Capulet masquerade. In the chance meeting of Romeo and Benvolio by the servant as he sets out to invite guests to the feast may be read the significance of the part played by accident in determining the outcome of the play.

Act I, Scene iii. Lady Capulet announces to her daughter in the presence of the garrulous nurse that Paris is seeking her in marriage and that she is to meet him that night at the feast.

Act I, Scene iv. Mercutio joins with Benvolio in urging the reluctant Romeo to forget his sad love affair and to enter into the spirit of the feast.

The feast is on. Romeo catches sight of Juliet and immediately is in love with her. Already the counteracting forces are at work. Tybalt, the chief antagonist, hearing his voice, recognizes him and is enraged that a Montague should dare attend a Capulet feast.

He leaves the hall with a determination to punish this intrusion. This is the motive to the complication of the feud action. Romeo and Juliet meet, love at sight, and part; and the dramatic entanglement has begun. Act II, Scene i.

Act II, Scene ii. By a masterly device the usual delays attending lovemaking are removed and the dramatic interest and entanglement intensified. By chance, again, Juliet in her confession of love to the heavens and the night is overheard by her lover himself, and he comes to her call.

In this, the famous balcony scenethe lovers plan marriage. Through the scene are scattered presentiments of evil. Act II, Scene iii. The soliloquy of the Friar reflects the doom that awaits the love of Romeo and Juliet, while his knowledge of herbs prepares us for his later intrigue.

He promises reluctantly to officiate at a secret wedding and sees in this union a possible reconciliation between the hostile houses. The scene ends with the significant words: The first part of this scene, where it is revealed that Tybalt has sent a challenge to Romeo, prepares us for the crossing of the feud action and love action.

It also furnishes an opportunity for Mercutio to express his disdain of Tybalt. The second part completes the arrangement for the marriage. Act II, Scene v. Act II, Scene vi. The marriage rite is performed, but even this joyous scene is not without its warning lines These violent delights have violent ends And in their triumph die.

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Kibin analytical essay thesis social policy doctoral dissertation our environment essay school days personal. Fate in Romeo and Juliet. Fate, for better or worse, interrupts everyone’s daily life, whether he/she chooses to acknowledge it or not.

Thinking about fate conjures up different feelings for different people; some people believe strongly in it, some people think of fate as ridiculous, and some do not care one way or /5(1).

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