Defect root cause analysis case study

Average no of Direct Manpower per day: Impact of increased efficiency KPI 3. Man to Machine Ratio MMR Capacity of an apparel manufacturing facility is determined by no of operatives working on sewing machines, higher proportion of non-operatives increases labour cost without much impact on capacity. Man to Machine ratio is the indicator which help us to establish correlation in between the two types of operatives and provide information to optimise the manpower size and hence the cost.

Defect root cause analysis case study

Ambiguous, conflicting field reports of failure modes and products affected pour in. Use this deductive logic tool in the measure phase of the define, measure, analyze, improve and control process to determine what is in scope and what is not going to be considered at this stage see Figure 1.

The process works best with a cross-functional group of four to eight people who represent all facets of the issue. Post the diagram in Figure 1 on a flipchart, whiteboard or projector screen to engage the whole team. Ask questions The method involves deliberating and answering a series of questions designed to pinpoint when, where and how often a problem occurs and—just as importantly—does not occur.

The process tends to work best with an active facilitator who challenges statements made, such as "Do we have data to back that up? When data are not available to back up a position, ask yourself whether it could be quickly collected.

To separate theories from opinions, could you conduct an immediate experiment as proof? Add the results of ensuing fieldwork to the diagram. The matrix helps organize all relevant knowledge and information about the problem in one handy reference. Classifying the problem in the categories of time-to-time, part-to-part or within-part defect assists the team in understanding how to structure the data-gathering process.

Common sense and a simple deductive reasoning process leads the team to a conclusion and problem resolution. Once the root cause is found, confirm the hypothesis and turn the defect off and on in the capping run of the simplified design of experiments.

Case study During a recent workshop with shop floor supervision and quality personnel, a team attacked a major field failure of a critical cast component. In two days, the team identified the failure mode, structured the data collection and used comparative analysis to find the root cause.

The supplier of one casting had repaired bad castings by drilling out slag—the bottoming of the drill removed wall thickness that led to the failure. This process takes the emotion out of analysis at a stressful time. It also allows the group to slow down and move deliberately at a time when many want to jump to conclusions.

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For many low hanging fruit-type quality issues, this tool leads directly to the root cause. For more complex problems, it helps identify the key performance variables requiring further study.We report a retrospective root cause defect analysis study of the defect Modification Requests (MRs) discovered while building, testing, and deploying a release of a transmission network element product.

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Vibration Analysis Handbook - James Taylor - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. BACK TO BASICS. Get to the Root of It Use an is/is not comparative analysis tool to pinpoint the problem.

by David M. Rucker. This article was featured in January ’s Best Of Back to Basics edition. Systems Failure Analysis [Joseph Berk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Systems Failure Analysis gives your product teams the tools and concepts to get at the root causes of defects and failures in complex manufacturing and engineered systems.

Defect root cause analysis case study

Whether the failure is a show stopper that brings an organization to a halt.

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